Who can understand life? 

​Life is a mystery

The dawn of the morning is not same for everybody but there must definitely be dawn for everyone.how you utilise your day time determines how you rest during the night. 

Lesson:The things you do in your active years determines if your retirement will indeed be RETIREMENT.  


It is divine, it does not cost a thing. You do not stand to lose anything. You weaken your mind power and your personality when you fail to forgive.sanitize your heart to become a happy person once again. 

Let Go

There are some age long attitudes, behaviours and even dogmas we have held on to.It is time to let go in order to be open to better opportunities and avenues for growth and progress. 

The strength within

Situations abound to discourage you, bills piling up, business not going the right way, people even losing confidence in you. If you do not lose confidence in yourself,you can actually change a bad situation to a good one. Remember the power to change is in you. 

Time management

Often time people wonder how the world is so unfair. Let me state here that everybody is alloted same 24 hours a day and you choose to use your 24 hours the way you want. Fine, we can no longer retrieve the time already spent but we are sure of the time we have NOW. You can choose to readjust yourselves and start making every second count from now on. 

The sojourn on earth

It is a difficult task sojourning on earth’s bumpy route. So many huddles to climb but it takes a determined mind to reach the finish line. Remember  a winner is only recognised upon crossing the finish line. Just set your target, be diligent, be ready to persevere in the face of distractions and remain resolute.