The power of positive thinking. I am here to encourage you… It does not matter if you are at the lowest ebb right now, you can still bounce back. Watch out for this space…



Time for a sober reflection

We have come a long way, we have seen a lot, heard a lot,encountered a lot but yet few are able to reflect on life’s lessons. Let me encourage you today to sit down, breath in, stay calm and let the movie of life play through your mind’s eye. Evaluate your actions and assess yourself to see if you are proud of your past actions or even your present escapades. There is always a better you from a deep sober reflection. Try and bring forth that better you. 


So much turmoil around, so much hate, so much destruction. Mother earth has lost its splendour. You turn left, right back and front, discouragement stares at you. Let’s wake up and rediscover our love for each other. With love, we can overcome the myriads of problems rocking the earth. Love conquers all. Let us heal our world, it is very possible. 

Another year, a continuation of life’s sojourn.

Happy New Year!Its so nice stepping into another year where targets are set and a comparism is made with the previous year. Mind you, stepping into a new-year is only for the books, your ability to realise that it is just another day will further open your eyes to the possibilities that abound. You can correct the wrongs of the past, you can give yourself a fresh start. The earlier the better, time waits for no man.Each ticking seconds means you are gradually completing the circle of life. Wishing you a better year. 


Why are our wants insatiable? For that big mansion I strive to get, I can only sleep in a corner on my bed in a part of my bedroom in the mansion. I can never be at different places at the same time. The very expensive cars I want to drive can only take me from point A to point B at a time like any other serviceable car, it can be involved in an accident. The best struggle is to be happy, comfortable and maintain healthy relationships. Put smiles on the faces of others… 

Who am I

I’m a being just because I am living. I become an object immediately the air I breathe ceases. So why should I be proud, why should I feel I own the world,why should I oppress others, why should I worry over a problem whose solution I do not have. I have learnt to live my life according to God’s mandate because he is sovereign and he alone direct the affairs of the world. 

Man is fallible

Sometime we think being perfect is achievable…yes it may be, but only with the nod of earth’s forces. Our ability is subject to the permission of a sovereign being. Take it or leave it, all men have flaws and can only strive for perfection over a period of time. 


May i boldly say that nobody has seen it all. Why sit back, why give up, why are you comfortable in that state? 

There is no limit to achieving greatness,just dare to explore. The force of nature is available and you have been empowered to control it. 

Don’t allow people, circumstances and situations around you to discourage you. Just dare and you will achieve the unthinkable.